There is often great stigma associated with being an HVAC&R contractor, but we wear our title with dignity.  We are different at Thayer, and proud of it.  We are a local, family-owned and operated business, but we utilize world-class ideas, practices and technology provided to us for being a part of the Linc system.

We abhor the typical service contractor business model, where work goes to the lowest bidder, and subsequently, the work performed doesn’t come close to meeting minimum industry standards.  Additionally, preventive maintenance (P/M) is priced as a bargain tool to appeal to buyers who want “cheap” minimal maintenance.  This consists of little more than replacing belts and filters.   Considering that a typical HVAC system consumes approximately 40% of a building’s energy usage, a “belts and filters” approach over comprehensive P/M will not guarantee efficiency and longevity of HVAC equipment.  We customize our solutions to your specifications.  The P/M programs we offer meet or exceed the accepted industry standards and “best practice.”

Well over twenty years ago, we decided that we could not be sufficiently accountable to our client-partners by performing bid specification (bid-spec) installation work.  We made a bold move and decided that we would focus on the design/build model.  By having control of both design and installation, we are able to unequivocally guarantee the cost and performance of the system; No excuses.  Typically, we can deliver the turnkey project/installation cheaper, faster and with a much better long term owning and operating cost than the low bid selected bid-spec alternative.

In order to offer the best value for design/build delivery, Thayer performs nearly all work.  All trades are performed by us, including (but not limited to) design, piping, ductwork, plumbing, controls, heating, refrigeration and commissioning.  By using our team we also can assure a clean, safe work environment and site, which is the first consideration of any activity.

Most of our team has been with us for many years, several for multiple decades.  Our Service team only performs service and maintenance work, just as our installation team is dedicated.  This certifies that our resources be responsive and specialized, regardless of our installation work load. Also, our techs who are out in the field give the designers regular feedback regarding what does and doesn’t work.

We believe that a provider can rarely be proficient in both bid-spec and design/build, as they are not only different delivery methods but different philosophies. We have been recognized on a national level as experts in the design/build arena, written numerous articles, performed peer training nationwide and were recognized several years ago as the best commercial HVAC& R contractor in the US, according to Contractor Magazine.

When Dick and Dan Thayer started the company in 1981, all business was done with a handshake. The world has become more litigious and we now use written agreements, but we still look a client/partner in the eye and say “we promise.”  Our results are verifiable, guaranteed, and quantifiable, but don’t take our word for it; come see for yourself.