We have worked in the Industrial Agricultural sector for decades and proudly offer our expertise and consulting services to pioneering companies throughout the States of Maine and New Hampshire

In response to rapidly emerging indoor precicion agricultural markets, in 2016 Thayer Corporation founded Lifespring Microclimates.  This team of integrators, combines talent to deliver commercial cultivators and processors actionable advice and support for the design and establishment of production-efficient, code-compliant precision agriculture, processing and laboratory facilities. Our approach leverages a unique blend of expert knowledge and strategic guidance in all technical and code compliance areas.
The Lifespring Micoclimates team specializes in meeting the unique needs of clients by customizing solutions that maximize the client’s operating budget, increases the building’s efficiency, and help to prolong the life of building assets. We assist customers in navigating the complexities of code compliance and support them in making informed long-term decisions regarding, Facility Design, Construction Management, HVAC, Decontamination, Odor Control, Control Systems, Lighting, Co2, Equipment Retrofits and Replacements, Commissioning and Re-Commissioning, Preventive Maintenance and more.
Whether you are establishing or growing your business, the Lifespring Microclimates team can help increase yield, improve efficiency, enhance sustainability, and accelerate speed to market with our SmartGrow™ approach.
Code Compliance

Let our team of experts help you navigate the complexities of code compliance.  Careful planning of your facility design will save you down the road.   With over 30 years of combined building code experience, our team can help you navigate the complex and ever-changing regulatory requirements for your business. Our projects get approved and approved quickly. Our team can sheer weeks, off the time it takes to complete a project, reducing startup costs and increasing speed to market.  Utilizing our knowledge of the building codes, we have saved our clients countless hours of frustration and money by fully understanding these requirements and how to best use them to the projects advantage.  



Extraction Laboratories

Whether you seek an Integrated or Modular extraction laboratory our team can offer a custom design-build to suit your needs and are designed according to NPFA standards.


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Control Systems

We Believe You Should Have A Choice; We offer many solutions to better control your systems, provide 24/7 remote monitoring, enhanced energy measures, and performance agreements to meet all of your system needs.

Facility Design & Build

Facility design is a part of the planning process that is worthy of deep consideration; The decisions you make will can dictate your success or failure. A multitude of factors need to be considered when designing an agricultural facility and it is easy to make mistakes when planning a new facility or upgrading production. Many have gone through the process only to discover later that a mistake was made and that the systems, methods and environmental controls are not compatible. Owners are then forced to spend additional time and money to “re-do” or “re-work” the project. With our experience, we can quickly provide you with a project that is energy efficient and productive, while simultaneously decreasing the costs associated with the construction of your facility. With over 30 years of experience,  we would be proud to support your agricultural business plans.


Odor Control

SORBAIRE: Designed, built and manufactured right here in Auburn, Maine by our team of experts; These SORBAIRE odor control and air purification systems are available as stand alone wall mount or mobile units.   






Element Air™ is an active purification system, purifying every square inch of air in the ducts and general growing spaces, in addition to removing odors at the source.


Decontaminate rooms in minutes, eliminate pathogens and contaminants from rooms post-harvest or use to decontaminate incoming freight, supplies and/or other spaces.

These  Portable Clean In Place (CIP) Decontamination Carts were designed, built and manufactured right here in Auburn, Maine by our team of experts. 


Energy costs are typically the number two expense in any indoor commercial agriculture after labor, and the lights are a significant portion of this cost. Some estimates suggest approximately 33% of all energy utilized in an indoor agricultural facility is attributed to the lighting. There are many lighting strategies to consider for indoor agriculture and it’s vital to weigh the initial upfront investment against the potential payback.Lifespring Microclimates is partnered with a range of industry-leading lighting suppliers with variable solutions;  we can help you achieve the best lighting system for your commercial  indoor cultivation business.