Ramada Inn, Lewiston MEramada

The Challenge: The Ramada Inn had an overall need to improve building efficiency.  It had inefficient lighting, an outdated controls system, and mechanical equipment in disrepair.

The Solution: We updated all the lighting with high efficient LED lights, as well as updated the controls system with one designed for variable occupancy.  This gave the operator a single point of control for guest rooms.  We installed a natatorium dehumidification system for their pool area, and solar roof panels too, with an ozone system for their laundry facility.

The Results: Due to the upgrades, they were able to heat 50% of their hot water with solar panels which greatly reduced their laundry costs.  Their new controls system allowed them to set individual climates in the guest rooms which substantially improved comfort conditions and decreased utility costs.


Tex Tech, Monmouth ME

The Challenge: Tex Tech was looking for an option of a renewable energy system as an alternative to the fossil fuel heating system currently in place.  The savings potential available using wood chip biomass energy was compelling at today’s depressed fuel costs.

The Solution: We reduced long-term energy expenses by installing a state-of-the-art Chiptec Gasification Biomass Boiler system to provide heating requirements as specified by Tex Tech.  A Chiptec 250 horsepower high pressure steam boiler fired with biomass wood chips and a fuel feed system designed to hold approximately (100) tons of wood chip fuel was installed.

The Results: This system upgrade has the potential to save $400,000.00 a year in fuel costs which helps keep production here, rather then shipping jobs overseas, in addition to nearly eliminating dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil.


Vale/Cianbro, Long Harbour, NL, CA

The Challenge: This project involved the construction of industrial rated modular electrical distribution centers for a large remote mining facility.

The Solution: We worked in collaboration with Cianbro at their Maine-based manufacturing facility and installed approximately 1200 tons of cooling capacity throughout 22 modules that were then shipped their their owner in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

The Results: By performing the construction locally, we were able to significantly keep costs down, saving the mining facility thousands of dollars.


DDI Transocean, Gulf of Mexico

The Challenge: DDI, an oil drilling exploration rig, was looking to improve combustion air supply in their engine rooms.

The Solution: We installed new duct work and air intake louvers as well as four 80HP fans and four 60HP fans to help with air supply.  We also installed a digital controls system for the operation of the fans.

The Results: This greatly improved engine operation, and eliminated problematic water entrapment on the vessel.


U.S. Forestry, White Mountains, NH

The Challenge: The U.S. Forestry White Mountain National Forest Admin. Complex was looking to obtain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certifications for the new construction of its admin. and warehouse facilities.

The Solution: This was a design-build biomass installation project.  It was done in two phases.  Phase 1 was the boiler building and back-up propane heating system, while Phase 2 was the installation of the biomass heating system.

The Results: This system deemed the U.S. Forestry facility LEED certified, in addition to substantially reducing the cost of operation by utilizing pellet fuel as their primary source of energy.