Due to the rise of the HVAC professional, the Thayer Corporation has advanced its level of service to customers in Maine and New Hampshire by partnering with Computrols. As an authorized dealer in the region, Thayer elevates the level of control building and facility managers with their HVAC system to ensure occupant comfort and safety while operating as efficiently as possible from an energy consumption standpoint.

With the Computrols platform, Thayer is positioned to bring the highest quality, performance-based services to commercial, industrial and institutional building managers who are looking to enhance the control of their indoor environments.

“The addition of the Computrols platform provides our clients with a comprehensive solution to their building automation needs,” said Greg Marles, General Manager and COO for Thayer. “We wanted to be able to build our own systems from the ground up by providing our own line of controllers. Computrols allows us to do that while continuing to focus on offering innovative solutions for our clients at a price point they can be comfortable with.”

Through the Computrols platform, Thayer offers clients, and building facilitators who are in need of advanced systems without the excessive overhead, a solution that doesn’t require a total replacement of the building’s existing controllers and one that doesn’t tether them to large national dealers that require expensive system upgrades every five-to-ten years and annual licensing fees. In contrast, Thayer’s Computrols platform integrates into the building’s legacy system and comes with an unmatched lifetime warrantee.

“During a time where managing indoor environments is paramount, we believe that by converting our clients to Computrols we will give them the ability to have more control over their indoor space,” continued Marles. “In the end, our clients will operate a building with a top-of-the-line system that offers the lowest lifecycle cost in the industry.”

In just six months, Thayer has fielded several proposals from school districts, hospitals and industrial, commercial and municipal buildings interested in converting their legacy systems to the Computrols platform Thayer Corporation provides.

“The Thayer Corporation is bringing an entirely new level of sophistication to facility managers through this partnership,” said Mike Clayton, Manager of Strategic Partnerships for Computrols. “We couldn’t be happier to have them at the helm of our Maine and New Hampshire distributions.”