If there’s one thing we’ve learned through the pandemic, it’s that there’s a renewed focus on the value of local resources…and we like to see that. Prior to Covid-19, we saw many customers opting for big brands because of name recognition or due to heavy marketing strategies. However, sometimes these decisions don’t end up being the best, often resulting in poor performance or poor craftsmanship. By choosing local businesses over big brands, you’re not only supporting the community, but you’re also ensuring that your service team is local, available and invested in your long-term success.

At Thayer, we strive to go above and beyond for our customers. For example, we were contacted by the Newmarket Community Center to change out a recent panel installation by a well-known, national brand. Although the initial investment was very high, their concern had to do with their poor workmanship reinforcing the idea that sometimes paying for big names does not always mean getting better results.

Left: Thayer Corporation panel installation; Right: Big brand panel installation


By supporting local companies, you are also giving back to your community. Small business owners pay taxes to the City and Towns in which they are located, which goes towards public schools, parks, roads, and public service workers. We appreciate our opportunity to serve the community, and to do great and meaningful work.