As indoor environment practitioners and mechanical systems experts, we’ve always held the position of educator, engineer, installer and the people you call in the middle of a blizzard or the night to fix systems. Typically, we are in the role of the problem solvers. Most of the “outside world” has viewed and perceived the HVAC industry as a very matter of fact and A to Z profession. When there’s an issue, call the HVAC company and they will fix the problem with a combination of two things – labor and parts.

The Transition
Recently the earth tilted on its axis, throwing us all for a loop with a pandemic the likes not seen since the early 1900’s. Suddenly there was a public cry worldwide for unique solutions to a relatively unique risk – the COVID-19 virus – one that illuminates the need for expertise in establishing, managing and maintaining indoor environments. The public no longer felt safe indoors where they live, work and commune. This challenge required a need to apply expertise to solutions that ultimately improved safety and health for the people that work, inhabit or visit indoor environments. This new light also allowed the general public to view these professionals as engineers, designers, technicians, innovators and problem solvers – which they’ve always been.

Why We Are “Burning the Midnight Oil”
As stewards for safe, healthy and productive indoor environments, the call for action was heard. We have always looked beyond simply delivering products and labor to ensure our clients received custom solutions that adequately reflects their specific environments. We have been tirelessly in pursuit of the latest, scientifically verifiable, know-how to this huge challenge. No two office buildings, schools, residences, warehouses or clients are alike, which is why applying our specific expertise to creating solutions from scratch is needed now more than ever.

Being Vigilant
We are entering a new age whereby an extreme focus on the air we breathe is looming large for all of us. The “new normal” will be here for some time, requiring a commitment to apply and maintain best practices to allow us to be both safe and productive indoors. We urge everyone to explore scientifically verifiable solutions. There is no silver bullet to shoot this enemy, but we are well stocked with silver buckshot if you need help. There may be no better time than to “Call in the Experts“.