Based on our latest article for our monthly newsletter, “Hot Topics and Cool Solutions,” we decided to have a contest (who doesn’t love a contest?).

Everybody likes to be comfortable, but not everyone has the same idea of what “comfortable” is, which often causes conflicting thermostat settings that might cause a building owner or manager to toss your thermostat in an ugly plastic cage we like to call “thermostat jail.”


While it is our expert recommendation that you do not attempt any of the following, we understand that you (your coworker…riiiight…) probably tried to get around thermostat locks, maybe by jimmying a skillfully bent paper clip or your car keys between bars to press the buttons to your ideal temperature.


Maybe you’re guilty of warming the thermostat up so the AC kicks on, or putting a cold wash cloth over it, to trick it into warming up?


In our line of work, we see a lot of interesting devices that at one point or another were top-of-the-line thermostats and are now…well…archaic devices (carved from stone, perhaps?) that have been “expertly customized” to suit a user’s need.

Does your building have thermostats installed that you might see in an ancient history museum?  We’d like to see them, and any other wacky, tampered-with thermostats that might be at your place of work.  If you send in our favorite photo, you’ll win an iPad Mini (and we’ll come take a look at those thermostats for you)!

Submit photos to: with the subject “Thermostat Contest,” and a brief photo description.