How can I cut my energy costs?

Replacing an old, inefficient HVAC system doesn’t need to be a financial burden.  It can be a company’s chance to cut energy costs.  Our engineers have a thorough understanding of the heating and cooling demands on commercial buildings.  New HVAC designs waste less energy and less money.  Here are some strategies to consider when investing in a new HVAC system:
– Invest in the highest-efficiency boiler, furnace, chiller, air handler and rooftop unit that your company can afford.  High-efficiency systems use less energy and cost less in utility bills.
– Recalculate the energy load on your building.  Chances are the building and its use have changed since the previous system was installed.
– With better building efficiency, you may be able to install a smaller and less costly HVAC system.  Simple measures like reducing the lighting level, insulating windows and sealing duct leaks may decrease HVAC demands.
– Appliances and other equipment also can emit heat and strain your HVAC system.  Evaluate their use and energy costs.
– Consider automating energy management.  Various new computerized systems adjust air flow and temperature based on occupancy, building use and other factors.

If you have any questions, please ask the experts!