If there’s one thing we’ve learned through the pandemic, it’s that there’s a renewed focus on the value of local resources...and we like to see that. Prior to Covid-19, we saw many customers opting for big brands because of name recognition or due to heavy marketing...

The Need For Sterilization Has Never Been More Pronounced

New Technologies


Effective Alternatives Do Exist

“Call In The Experts”

There is an acute shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) gripping our nation. In order to safely work the front lines of this pandemic, working professionals must wear PPE; Once utilized the PPE needs to be replaced. The shortages and continual replacement costs for expensive PPE have many searching for solutions.

In response to current shortages, in preparation for the future, and to support the need for emergent on-site solutions, the Thayer Corporation team has developed an effective way to sterilize medical equipment and PPE. We are pleased to introduce and offer our mobile sterilization unit to all essential professionals and facilities.

The mobile sterilization unit utilizes temperature and ozone to kill pathogens. At its core, the method devised relies on the widely known understanding that Ozone is the most powerful oxidative agent that occurs naturally, and high temperatures are also effective at neutralizing contaminants. Both methods are grounded in extensive peer-review science. With its extra free radical oxygen molecule, ozone can destroy germs, viruses, and microbes that may cause surface or air contaminations. Utilization of ozone as a sterilant, was cleared by FDA in 2003 for processing reusable medical devices.

The process is compatible with a wide range of commonly used materials.

We Appreciate All Of The Selfless Essential Workers On The Front Lines During This Pandemic